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As you may have noticed, I'm totally obsessed with jewelery making at the moment. Especially with earrings. Most for the reason that I only wear earrings and the one and only ring I got from my boyfriend.
I think the reason is that I am now in my last year of my bachelor studies and I should write my bachelor thesis - I'm praying for more motivation to really do so... hmpf.

Hope you like my earrings - maybe you have some suggestions or critiques?

I wish you all a real nice Advent!! Enjoy it as much as you can!
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sry that I didn't upload new stuff since I've registered.
but I'm proud of what I did since april!

at the moment I'm drawing a lot of tatoo designs and as soon as possible a friend of mine will get one of them on her back - photos and the original drawing will follow - also all the other drawings.

in october I will start studies at the university of applied sciences in hagenberg.
media technology and design. that they took makes me so happy, you can't believe it!

I'm also looking foward to let the accountancy be accountancy =)

hope you've all had a lovely summer and holidays.
keep your fingers crossed for me, that I'm good at hagenberg =)

I will upload all the work I will have to do there - so stay tuned!
hey girls and guys!

welcome to my tiny piece of art.
the stuff I've already uploaded is a little bit old and I hope to get myself keep going with the membership on DeviantART.
I browse these sites for a bit of self-motivation =)

right now I would say it does its part =)

hope you like my art!
but please - if there's something you don't like - don't hesitate to critisize me - I'm here to improve myself!

thx so far

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